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ad4mat© Apps:

All major provider of your choice in a single advertising medium.

Redaktionell gepflegte Top-Offers der Anbieter sind und bleiben immer aktuell, Sie müssen den AdCode nur einmal integrieren.

Alles konfigurierbar: Design, Angebote und Anbieter lassen sich individuell zusammenstellen.

Mit PostView Technologie werden Ihre Einnahmen maximiert, auch wenn erst später nach dem Klick gekauft wird.

Versatile & unobtrusive

Build the perfect banner

Integrate advertorial-style ads with up to 3 offers on your website and profit from Post View Tracking and retargeting! If a user started a transaction without finishing it, we are able to show him the exact product he was looking at and other products from the same category or matching services.

reTargeting technology with ad4mat®

If a user has viewed the product, but not bought, it will be the call ad4mat® banner of this offer again in remembrance. In order to achieve significantly higher click-through and conversion rates.

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Content is King

Compare all tariffs

For costumers, it’s not easy to keep having an overview of different tariffs that are changing constantly. Make it easy for them to compare phone or energy rates by using our ad4compare widgets that you can design yourself.

Auto Update

Our team of editors keeps all tariff information up to date all the time. So you just have to integrate the AdCode once and you’re done.

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Yield with every picture

Photo Galleries with matching Ads

Enrich galleries on your websites with ads that match your user’s interests without distracting them. Our ad4picture technology helps you to monetize pictures.

Post View Tracking

ad4picture drop a cookie on the user’s device to mark them so we can track if they make a purchase later because they had seen the ad before on your website. So you can profit from ads that might not have been clicked immediately.

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