Sicherheit mit ad4mat® WUSIWUG

PostView Marketing war nie sicherer.

Aktuell beschränkt sich Postview Media Reichweite nur auf Platzierungen im sofort sichtbaren Bereich von Webseiten, d.h. Platzierungen, die bei einer Standardauflösung von 1280x1024 ohne weiteres Scrollen einen Werbekontakt sicherstellen [lesen Sie hier mehr] Media Reichweite auf attraktiven Platzierungen u.a. mitten im Content Bereich, aber eben im nichtsichtbaren Bereich, war Advertisern damit bislang vorenthalten oder musste über CPC oder TKP auf eigenes Risiko gebucht werden.

Everything changes with our WUSIWUG Technology.

*What User Sees Is What User Gets

Our technology makes sure that ad impression and post view cookies will only become effective, when a user actually scrolls down to see the ad in case the ad is not placed above the fold. That’s important as from our point of view, a post view cookie only makes sense, when there was an actual view.

An advertising delivery and a delivery of cookies without visual contact are excluded. The resolution of the monitor used by the user plays as future no longer matters.

Test our technology now

delete your cookies

refresh this website and check if you got a new cookie (in your browser settings)

scroll down from the top of the website into the area below the fold until you see the first (300×250) ad

then scroll down to the ad in the footer area (728×90)

Advertisement 300×250

Advertisement 728×90

We can ensure that fake ads or just wrongly placed ads will be a thing of the past by using our technology. A banner that has been placed below the fold will only drop its postview cookie, when the user manually scrolls down and is able to see the ad. Advertisers are ensured that users have seen their message and logo. That opens a whole new range of possibilities to publishers that aim to scale up their CPM campaigns.

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