ad4mat® Retargeting & Targeting

Der richtige Kunden-Kontakt entscheidet

Mit unseren unterschiedlichen Retargeting bzw. Targeting Möglichkeiten erreichen wir Kaufabbrecher, potentielle Neu-Kunden, oder frischen den Kontakt zu Bestandskunden auf und sorgen so für ein Maximum an zusätzlichen Transaktionen. Um Online Werbung noch effizienter auszusteuern und Conversion Rates zu steigern, setzten wir auf mehrere Ansätze des Targeting gleichzeitig.


  • someone who visited your website, looked at a product or service but did not purchase
  • ad of choice: individualized & dynamic


  • user did not visit your website yet
  • ad of choice: behavioral targeting


  • user already was a customer
  • ad of choice: individualized, dynamic plus incentivized reactivation


  • existing customers recommend your service
  • ad of choice: individualized, dynamic plus incentivized recommendation
Retargeting Explained

The advantages of ad4mat®
targeting solutions

Unique reach for e-commerce providers: ad4mat combines quality ad marketer networks, RTB channels and exclusive affiliates within the zanox publisher network

Placements in high quality and relevant channels like e-commerce, telecommunications, tech, fashion, finance, travel and many more

Performance-based business model with no setup fees

our design specialists will create highly efficient and dynamic retargeting banners for your business

ad4mat® works in line with international regulations and is a member of BVDW, EDAA/IAB and youronlinechoices

Why choose ad4mat® targeting solutions?

Most users that you have spent your marketing budget on are leaving your website without having made a transaction.

And as if that wouldn’t be enough, customers are becoming increasingly less loyal; CRM activities like mailings are not as effective as they used to be.

Advanced targeting technologies on the other hand today are able to determine who has seen an ad or clicked it, visited your site or another one that can help us to make a brief profile of the user’s interests and thus show ads with maximum potential for a high click and conversion rate.

This is how our ad media look like.

For our partners we create retargeting templates based on product data for free.

Ad 300×250

Ad 728×90

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