Reach the mobile world.

Mit ad4mat® mobile erreichen Sie jetzt Ihre Zielgruppe(n) auch auf dem Smartphone. Profitieren Sie von dieser zusätzlichen Targeting-Möglichkeit und dadurch höheren Klick- und Konversionraten.

Mobile traffic is the future

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to reach additional customers on the go.

Advanced targeting

Find customers on the location they are right now:

With GeoTargeting we can help you to reach customers on city level that are relevant to you.

Furthermore we are able to target certain devices and operating systems like iOS, Windows Phone and Android.

High response rates

Studies show that mobile ads get 50% more clicks than regular web ones.

Make use of the linear mobile experience and the advanced targeting to reach relevant customers efficiently with information about your products and services.

Our mobile ads come in a proven editorial style combining pictures with text that our team of editors keeps up to date regularly.

Erhöhen Sie Ihre mobile Performance

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