ad4mat DSP

Programmatic Buying mit ad4mat DSP. Display Lösungen auf Daten-Basis und hochwertigen Umfeldern, effizient und sicher.

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Reach users worldwide & increase your revenue

Profit from our steadily growing network and reach your exact target group with our RTB technology

High revenues with Post View tracking

Every ad impression helps us to see which user has seen your offer and that information helps us to increase performance and quality of targeting dramatically.

Secure and transparent technology

You have full control on activities and results with us. By having full transparency we are able to create trustful relationships.

Security with WUSIWUG*

Our very own technology offers security for advertisers that wish that their ads had real eye-contact before being loaded. (*what user sees is what user gets)

High performance ads.

You can either rely on our highly efficient ads or upload your own.

Highest click- and conversion rates with ad4mat retargeting

Reach users that have already checked out your website or even a product without having bought anything yet.

Effizient zu relevantem Traffic –

mit ad4mat RTB.